Astigmatism & Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

Laser eye surgery is a well-known treatment for those with short or long-sightedness, however, many don’t realise it’s also suitable for astigmatism. The misconception that astigmatism cannot be treated by laser eye surgery comes from the old days of laser eye surgery, but the truth is, it’s been a common treatment for quite some time. Our Perth eye specialists answer the most frequently asked questions about how laser eye surgery corrects astigmatism.

What is astigmatism?

Unlike near or far-sightedness, patients with astigmatism experience blurry vision at all distances. This is due to an imperfection in the curvature of the eye’s cornea or lens. Normally, the cornea is equally curved like a round ball, while astigmatism causes the cornea to curve in an irregular egg shape. This distorts the light within the eye, causing blurred vision at any distance and difficulty focusing on smaller details.

How Laser Eye Surgery Corrects Astigmatism

What causes astigmatism?

Doctors are still unsure why the shape of the cornea differs between individuals, however astigmatism may be caused due to:

  • Genetics

  • Eye disease

  • Eye injury

  • Post-surgery

Despite what your parents told you, astigmatism is not caused by sitting too close to the TV or reading in poor light.

What are the symptoms of astigmatism?

You will likely be diagnosed with astigmatism after experiencing blurred vision and difficulty focusing on small details. Other symptoms of astigmatism may include:

  • Eyestrain

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty driving at night

  • Squinting while trying to read

What are the treatments for astigmatism?

Depending on your personal preferences, you may choose to wear corrective lenses such as glasses or contact lenses for temporary treatment of astigmatism. Alternatively, for a more long-term treatment, you may choose PRK surgery.

PRK laser eye surgery is the original form of laser refractive vision correction. It’s been in clinical practice for over 20 years and is a safe and effective treatment for astigmatism. During the procedure, a laser is used to remove a small amount of corneal tissue to correct the irregular curvature of the lens. This results in a round cornea that allows light to focus on the retina in a single point, giving you clearer vision at any distance.

Ready to treat your astigmatism with laser eye surgery?

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