Eye Surgery Types

Optilase provides the most advanced eye surgery procedures and treatments.

Eye Surgery Procedures

Optilase is WA’s first affordable laser eye surgery clinic in the southwest Peel Region.
We proudly offer a range of eye surgery types with no hidden costs, including PRK laser, paediatric, squint and cataract surgery.

What to expect in PRK Laser Eye Surgery

The aim of PRK surgery is to remove the need to wear glasses or contact lenses completely.

In PRK surgery, the excimer laser reshapes the surface of the cornea with extreme precision.

  • In myopia or short-sightedness, the excimer laser flattens the curvature.
  • In hyperopia or long-sight by steepening the curvature.

Each pass of the laser removes only 10-microns (one, one-hundredth of a millimetre) of corneal tissue. After the surface layer is removed, the PRK laser goes on to reshape the underlying corneal stromal layer. This process takes approximately 30 seconds or so.

A clear contact lens is then placed over the eye to protect the cornea as the surface cells regrow. It is common that both eyes are treated on the same day.

After five days, the contact lenses are removed from the eyes. The patient’s vision continues to improve for some weeks after the PRK surgery. Most patients are able to resume normal activities in less than one week after their PRK laser eye surgery.

What to expect in Paediatric & Squint Surgery

Optilase consultations for paediatric and strabismus squint patients are performed in the consulting rooms at Mandurah Eye Centre. Consultations for paediatric and squints is expected to last approximately an hour as dilating drops are instilled.

If surgery is needed, it is performed in the theatres at Peel Health Campus. Children from the age of one and upwards can have surgery there, under the care of Paeditrically trained anaesthetists.

Strabismus or squint surgery in adults will often correct misalignments that developed in childhood that may not have been corrected or have worsened over time.

In adults, the preferred option is to correct the squint with an adjustable suture, either later the same day or the next day. The sutures can be adjusted or moved under local anaesthetic drops to get an exact correction.



Monday – Saturday | 8:30am – 4:30pm


What to expect in Cataract Surgery

At Optilase, we will explain your status and options to you clearly, and let you make your own decision about when to have cataract surgery. Cataract surgery restores sharp vision by removing clouded lenses. This sharpens vision unless astigmatism is also causing blurred vision.

The Department of Transport requires that drivers have 6/12 vision (with or without glasses) in their better eye to qualify for a license. Some patients choose to wait until their vision is approximately at this 6/12 level. However, many active patients who still work, drive, and use computers have higher demands for their vision.

Cataract Surgery Types

The goal of cataract surgery is to restore sharp vision by removing the clouded lens. This alone will sharpen vision unless the astigmatism is also causing blurred vision.

Cataracts can only be treated with surgery, and the lens needs to be replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) for the eye to focus. During your consultation with Optilase, Dr Bill Ward will help you choose the best IOLs (intraocular lenses) for your cataract surgery.


The refractive error of the eye is corrected by inserting a monofocal IOL. The dominant eye is adjusted for distance and the non-dominant eye for reading vision. This will allow suitable candidates, both to read and see at distance. Please note, not everybody is suitable and a careful evaluation is required pre-surgery.

Multifocal IOL

During your cataract surgery, your natural, cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a new, implantable intraocular lens. The multifocal IOL allows you to see clearly at all distances without glasses or contact lenses.

Astigmatism Correction With Toric IOLs

Prior to the patient’s cataract surgery, measurements are made and the toric IOL is selected to correct astigmatism. At surgery, this must be placed in the correct alignment.

Optilase’s professional team will help achieve your visual freedom with affordable vision correction.

With vast experience, our team takes the time to listen to what the problem is. They are your eyes and you decide what’s best.

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