Corrective Eye Surgery

See the processes and aftercare guides for Optilase’s corrective eye surgery services.

Corrective Eye Surgery Perth

We provide the most affordable laser eye surgery in Perth from our eye clinics at the Mandurah Eye Centre and Palmyra laser clinic.

We provide PRK laser eye surgery, squint surgery, and cataract surgery for patients based in Perth and southwest WA.

Based on your lifestyle, activities and interests, Dr. Ward and our staff can help determine what form of vision correction will best reach your vision goals.

After Care

After your corrective eye surgery, our experts in laser eye surgery are dedicated to providing you with aftercare procedures, individualised care and tailored eye care solutions.


Learn how our team perform each bladeless laser eye surgery at Optilase. We use digital Wavefront technology to thoroughly scan and map the surface of your eye to get customised measurements.

Book Your Ophthalmologist Appointment

Optilase offers all prospective laser eye surgery patients a free consultation appointment. Following your consultation, the team will discuss with you the best treatment options.

Contact us for more information.

Health Insurance Rebates

Please contact your health insurance provider to enquire about laser eye surgery coverage.